Monoï Body cream


A light and yet enveloping cream at the same time, with a good moisturizing power. We let ourselves bewitched by its perfume of Monoï.
Made in Tahiti.

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We love creams without compromising on effectiveness. Our cream has a good content of quality vegetable oils. Monoï, Tamanu oil provides essential active ingredients to provide the necessary nutrients, protection and regenerating active ingredients. It is applied to the whole body as a daily moisturizing agent to keep skin healthy. You can enjoy the subtle and smooth Monoï scent.

Poids 100 g



Work in Progress


-Emollient of skin surfaces

What we guarantee

Guaranteed not tested on animals.
Guaranteed list of simple and effective ingredients.

UGS : CCRDE100-1 Catégorie : Étiquette :

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