Rich Monoï balm


A balm, rich, emollient, enveloping, with a concentrate of active ingredients of the islands and a delicious scent of monoi.
Made in Tahiti.

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It is a concentrate of Pacific active ingredients: Monoï, Tamanu oil. You can enjoy its ultra nourishing and regenerating properties adapted for dry or irritated skin. This balm can be applied to the whole body with ample gestures to benefit from a relaxing massage while penetrating the balm. Or you can rub rough areas: heels, elbows, knees ... The skin regains suppleness, a finer and smoother grain.
It is a balm. All ingredients are lipophilic. They have the advantage of being concentrated in actives, it is not necessary to put a lot of them to have a good result. Note that a balm is more sensitive to temperature variations.  Below 20C° it freezes, above 25C° it will be smooth again.

Poids 50 g

Glass jar


Work In Progress


-Emollient of skin surfaces

What we guarantee

Guaranteed not tested on animals.
Guaranteed list of simple and effective ingredients.

UGS : BERDE50-1 Catégorie : Étiquette :

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