Tamanu virgin oil


Tamanu oil – the green gold of the Pacific.
Made in Tahiti. Nuts sourced in the Tuamotu.

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The cold-pressed product of the almonds of calophyllum inophyllum from tumaotu is recognized in the world. It has intense green in color and has a very characteristic smell of freshly cut grass. The smell although particular is well worth the detour for all the goodness it holds within. Thanks to the resin it contains.
Used in traditional medicine, these properties are also recognized in natural cosmetics and aromatherapy.
It is used for irritated atopic, sensitive, fragile skin, in local massage or all over the body. Polynesians also use it on small insect bites to relieve and avoid superficial infections. Be careful about young children and pregnant women, dilute it with another neutral oil, because it contains a lot of active molecules.

Poids 50 g

Glass bottle


Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil, Tocopherol


-Nourishing and antioxidant
-Regenerating superficial parts of the skin

What we guarantee

No animal testing
Pure and virgin quality carrier oil

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