Virgin coconut oil


Virgin coconut oil – product of the nut of the tree of life.
Made in Tahiti

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The dry skin salvation.
It is composed of 90% saturated fatty acids which gives it its emollient properties. It will form a protective film on the surface of the skin. So you can use it at will on dry, rough parts of the body. It is also great antioxidant, thanks to the natural presence of vitamin E. However we limit it’s use on our face as it’s fabulous composition for dry skin also makes it comedogenic.
The presence of saturated fatty acids raises its melting temperature: be careful it freezes below 20 C °. REMEMBER to put it under hot water so that it is liquid again, it's normal!
It is also a versatile oil, which is used in cosmetics and food. So you can even use it to flavor your dishes with a touch of exoticism.

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Glass bottle


Cocos nucifera oil, Tocopherol


-Emollient of skin surface

What we guarantee

No animal testing
Pure and virgin quality carrier oil

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